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Specular Theory

2024 - Present

VR Software Engineer

Delivering next gen XR trainer systems for the defense and aerospace industries. Standalone VR Unity Developer for the United States Air Force using  HTC Vive headsets. Collaborating with a hardware team to create custom solutions that enhance trust and customer security.

Livermore, CA

*Download CV to view more details

Baltu Technologies

2023 - 2024

XR Developer

XR and Unity Developer for an AR training application called SuperDoc. Promoting to "train anyone to do anything."

Developing aerospace and semiconductor VR training applications for non-profit organizations. Continuous research and development within XR capabilities including 3D models, animations, photogrammetry, and human-computer interactions.

San Francisco, CA

*Download CV to view more details


2018 - 2023

XR Developer

San Francisco, CA

XR Developer Consultant for various clients including Disney, Goodwill, Docomo, Volumetric Capture studios, Syracuse University, Boeing, and power companies.

Led development team on various VR training applications. Managed XR Media technologies including medium & high fidelity Volumetric Capture capabilities. Constructed AR video calling and 3D annotations using WebRTC and Photon Unity Networking (PUN). Developed Looking Glass applications with Hand Tracking technologies in Unity.

*Download CV to view more details

XR Bootcamp


Hand Tracking Developer

with Unity

San Francisco, CA

Attended 8-week course on how to create Hand Tracking applications for standalone VR headsets.

Certified in completing all the requirements of the Hand Tracking and Interaction Design Master Class. Developed holographic UI, locomotion, kinematic grabbing & interactions using hand gestures. Used knowledge and teachings to help develop various VR/AR hand tracking applications as seen here in Projects.  

*Download CV to view more details


University of North Carolina at Charlotte

2009 - 2013

Charlotte, NC

Bachelor of Science College of Computing and Informatics

Major: Software and Information Systems


Department of Dance

Minor: Dance

U.S. Collegiate Figure Skater 

Competition: U.S. Collegiate Figure Skating Championships





Meta Quest 2 &

Quest 3


HoloLens 2

Azure Kinect


Intel RealSense


HTC Vive

Leap Motion

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